Welcome to the ordering site for both Balsar Photography and Caught In the Act Photography. We specialize in performance and action photography, along with custom creations.

Welcome to our image hosting site. This is intended to give you an easy to access opportunity to view many of the photos we have taken and make specific orders if interested in any single enlargement or combination of shots. Please understand that our specialty is custom montages and we would recommend choosing a few shots that we might develop into an artistic design. We would recommend taking a moment to browse the custom gallery, so you get a feeling for the options we offer.

To make an order, simply add a photo to your cart, then send us an e-mail with the image numbers, quantities, and custom instructions. Please include a contact phone number so we may contact you with any futher questions. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Don't forget that affordable framing and mounting are also available for that "Finished Look".

Thanks for allowing us to capture these talented performers' efforts.